8 Colour Stack Flexo Printing Machine

Max Machine Speed: 120-150m/min Number of printing decks: 8 colors Drive Method: Big Gear Drive / Timing Belt Drive ( can according to your requirement) With High Quality of Ceramic Anilox roller With automtic EPC system With Manual Register device( If you want the motor register device, pls let me know) Main Processed Materials: Films; Paper; Non-Woven; Aluminium foil; Laminates Match one set of 400mm printing cyclinders on the machines, if you want different size of printing cyclinders, pls let me know.

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Model CH8-800H
Machine Colors 8Color
Max. printing material width 800mm( also can make different width of raw material)
Max. printing width 750mm
Max. Printing length(repeat) 250mm-900mm( can according to your requirement to make it)
Max. Mechanical speed 120m/min
Max. Printing speed 80m/min
Drive type Gear drive/ belt type
Register Precision Crosswise:±0.25mm;Lengthwise: ±0.25mm(Register precision no change during this machine speed up or down)
Thickness of Plate Photopolymer plate 2.28mm( also can according to your requirement)
1 Set of Printing Cylinder on this machine Within 400mm ( if you want another size of printing cyclinders, pls let me know)
Total machine power About 35kw
Machine weight About 6200kg
Power Voltage 380V, 3 PH, 50 Hz

Composition of flexographic printing machine

1. Feeding and unwinding section The feeding and unwinding part is the paper feeding part of the flexographic printing machine. Its function is to unwind the roll paper and enter the printing machine flatly.  the tension is sufficient to remove wrinkles from the paper and prevent the roll paper from being dragged to the ground. The unwinding device generally includes or partially includes the following devices: 1. Paper roll mounting brackets, generally there are multiple; 2. Paper rack rotating frame, making it easier to roll on the shaft; 3. Automatic correction control, which can keep the correct axial and radial directions of the paper tape. position; ④ automatic tension control device 2. Printing Department Set, controlled by sensor; ⑤ Unwinding drive device; 6 Automatic (constant speed) paper splicing device. The printing part is the core part of the flexographic printing machine, and its function is to provide the necessary printing pressure, ensure the correct transfer of ink, and ensure accurate overprinting. It is composed of plate cylinder and impression cylinder, and some flexographic printing is also equipped with auxiliary equipment such as automatic ink viscosity control. 3. Dry cooling In order to avoid the smeared version caused by the wet ink and the color mixing phenomenon in multi-color printing, a drying device is installed between each printing unit and after printing to dry all the ink colors. drying devices are mainly divided into the following categories: ①Direct flame drying device; ②Steam drying drying device; ③Cold and hot air drying device; ④Infrared drying device; ⑤Ultraviolet drying device. Due to the high printing speed and drying heating temperature of the flexo printing machine, a cooling roller or other cooling device must be installed to cool the printing material (roll), so as to prevent the material (especially PVC plastic film, tissue paper, etc.) from being heated and dried during the heating and drying process. 4. Rewinding and processing part The rewinding part of the flexographic printing machine is similar to the unwinding part. Modern flexographic printing machines can be equipped with post-press processing devices such as in-line compounding, glazing, hot stamping, embossing, magnetic stripe sticking, die cutting, punching, and slitting according to product needs. 5. control system In modern flexographic printing machine, in addition to the above basic structure and post-press processing devices, there are tension control and lateral correction devices, detection devices, automatic adjustment and automatic control systems.

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Flexographic printing machine refers to a machine that uses a flexographic plate and transfers ink through anilox rollers to complete the printing process. Most of them use roll-type printing materials and rotary printing methods.The flexographic printing machine is composed of feeding and unwinding, printing part, drying and cooling, rewinding and processing, control system and other parts.

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